Board make up and Elections

The Bedford Group of Internal Drainage Boards consists of three Drainage Boards.

  • Bedfordshire and River Ivel IDB
  • Buckingham and River Ouzel IDB
  • Alconbury & Ellington IDB

Each Drainage Board’s membership is made up of both elected members who are elected by the drainage rate payers in the Board’s area and local authority members who are appointed by local councils.

Internal Drainage Board’s key role is to manage water levels and reduce the risk from flooding within their catchment’s. Much of their work involves the maintenance and improvement of watercourses and related infrastructure

IDBs also set byelaws to ensure the watercourse network works efficiently and scrutinise planning and development in their area to mitigate its impact on the water environment and flood risk.

The Boards currently hold meetings two or three times a year.

The next election of members-

  • Bedfordshire and River Ivel Board – Autumn 2024
  • Buckingham and River Ouzel Board – Autumn 2023
  • Alconbury and Ellington Board – Autumn 2023

Election Frequently Asked Questions

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