About the Bedford Group of Drainage Boards


Since 2001, the Bedford Group of Internal Drainage Boards comprises three IDBs in the upper reaches of the Great Ouse catchment, largely in Bedfordshire, but also Milton Keynes,  small areas in North Oxfordshire, North Buckinghamshire, North Hertfordshire and South-East Cambridgeshire.  The Group manages a total of 1,147 km of watercourses within its Drainage District, serving an area of 37,709 hectares.



Office Based

Phil Camamile

Chief Executive / Clerk of the Boards

Nicole Souter

Principal Accountant

Phillip Lovesey

Operations Manager

Trevor Skelding

Principal Engineer

Alice Smith

Executive Assistant

Matthew Richardson

GIS & Asset technician

Rachel Hughes

Senior Engineer

Scott Brewster

Senior Engineer

Tom Loakes

Administration Assistant

Nadia Iantosca

Finance & Rating Officer

Field Based

Simon Fox

Works Supervisor

Jonathan Wallis


Workforce Operatives

10 Operatives

Annual Pay (as of February 2023)

Annual Pay Number
>£0 and <= £5,000 0
>£5,000 and <= £20,000 0
>£20,000 and <= £30,000 15
>£30,000 and <= £40,000 3
>£40,000 and <= £50,000 3
>£50,000 and <£100,000 1
>= £100,000 0
All Employees 22