Links to Environment Agency Flood Warning Procedures

Bedford Group of IDBs

Internal Drainage Boards are responsible for providing a water-level management service within their drainage districts.

During times of heavy rainfall and high river levels the Boards:

  • liaise with the Environment Agency over developing flood conditions.
  • check sensitive locations and remove restrictions.
  • take actions, where possible, to reduce risk of flooding to property.
  • advise local authorities on the developing situation in order that Local Authorities can execute their emergency plans effectively for the protection of people, property and key infrastructure.
  • assist where possible in any post-flood remedial and clearance operations.
  • assess flooding incidents to determine if new works can be undertaken to reduce the effect of future flooding incidents.

The Board’s priorities during flooding are:

  • ensuring the Board’s systems are working efficiently.
  • protection of people and residential properties.
  • protection of commercial properties.
  • protection of agricultural land and ecologically sensitive sites.

The Board provides a Duty Officer number – 07764 239891.