Upcoming Meetings

Bedfordshire & River Ivel
Vale House, Broadmead Road, Stewartby, MK43 9ND
Date Day Time
8 November 2021 Monday 2pm
18 January 2022 Tuesday 2pm
Buckingham & River Ouzel
Vale House, Broadmead Road, Stewartby, MK43 9ND
Date Day Time
16 November 2021 Tuesday 2pm
20 January 2022 Thursday 2pm
Alconbury & Ellington
Brookfield Farm, Great Stukeley
Date Day Time
13 January 2022 Thursday 9am

*meeting times changed to 9am as agreed at January meeting

Usual Venue

Board Meetings of the Bedfordshire and River Ivel and Buckingham and River Ouzel Board are usually held at Vale House, Broadmead Road, Stewartby, Bedfordshire, MK43 9ND. Alconbury & Ellington Board meet at Brookfield Farm, Great Stukeley. The meeting venue will always be confirmed in the Notice above on the face of the Agenda, in accordance with the Board’s Standing Orders.


Agenda Items

If you would like the Board to consider a specific issue at one of the next meetings, please contact your local Board member. We will get it on the Agenda.


Attendance at Board Meetings

Board Meetings are public meetings and as such anyone can attend and observe the general business sessions, in accordance with the Standing Orders.


Attendance Register

Your members attendance at Board meetings is recorded in the minutes of every meeting.


Archived Minutes
Confirmed Minutes of previous meetings (certified copies)